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Walking Gets You Everywhere


So many people lament that they don't have enough time to get exercise through the week. On the weekends, they say that they are too busy with other projects and relaxing to take the time to hit the gym. In some cases, this might be true. However, many people use this as an excuse because they don't want to find the time to exercise. They do not want to eliminate their TV watching time or their videogame time because they enjoy those activities and they do not enjoy working out.

While time can be a factor, it is still possible for these folks to get some exercise throughout the day. Adding a few steps here and there through the day can help to burn some extra calories. How do you go about adding these extra steps? It's easy.

Walking Gets You Everywhere

Finding Ways to Add More Steps to the Day

First, when you go to work, park at the far end of the parking lot. This might mean that you have to get up a little bit early to get to work on time, so make sure you account for the extra time that it takes to walk. If the place you work has stairs, make sure that you take them instead of the elevator. Again, you will have to consider the extra time that it is going to take you.

Second, when you go out to the movies or the mall, don't look for spots that are close to your destination. These spots probably aren't available because everyone seems to want the convenience of parking close. Choose a spot that is further from the theater or the mall and walk the distance.

Third, consider how close you live to places such as the grocery store, the drug store and friends' homes. Instead of getting into your car and driving to those places, you can walk. You will not be able to carry the same amount groceries when you leave the store, so make sure that you are only going to pick up a few essentials. You will find that when you have to carry the bags back to your house, you are less likely to buy ice cream, sodas and other junk foods. The walk back with the extra weight of the grocery bags will help to burn even more calories.

Fourth, if you have pets, take them for some long walks around the neighborhood. They will appreciate getting out and getting some exercise just as much as you do.

Keep it Up and Walk Even More

Once you start walking, you might realize that you enjoy it. You can walk to more places and eventually you might even want to start jogging or running. You will see that you have more energy and vitality, and that might just prompt you to visit a gym or to get a bike and start riding. Walking can certainly be the "gateway exercise" that gets your body moving so you can get into shape and get healthy!

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