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Use The Buddy System For Help To Lose Weight


Losing weight can be difficult for many people. Even those who have the mindset that they are really going to do it this time and they are really going to drop the weight, have trouble. One of the biggest problems is the motivation factor. Many people are able to start wonderfully, dropping pounds and eating better food. However, after a few months, the motivation starts to wear down and they no longer have the drive they once did. Soon, they fall back to their old ways and the weight comes back. This can be very demoralizing. A great way to make sure that doesn't happen is to use the buddy system.

Use The Buddy System For Help To Lose Weight

How Does the Buddy System Work?

The first thing a person who is trying to lose weight needs to do is find someone in a similar situation. The fitness goals do not have to be identical for each workout partner, but it helps if you have some common goals for which you can strive. The friend should be someone who is trustworthy and who will be able to make it to workouts on time. He or she should also be able to keep you on track with the foods you are eating. Each person needs to be able to hold the other person accountable.

Exercise with a Buddy

When you have someone in your life that has the same desire to exercise, it is easier to make it to workouts. The duo will be able to rely on one another for encouragement in the training and exercise sessions. They can spot one another when lifting weights and keep one another company when going for jogs and hikes. Determine what types of exercise each likes and then find some fun alternatives. Instead of hitting the gym each day, head out to the mountains for a vigorous hike, or to the beach for a run along the shore.

Talk Food with a Buddy

Food is often the biggest factor when trying to lose weight and it's an area where many people struggle because of their cravings. Talk about your cravings and help one another to get over them. Go to the grocery store at the same time and make sure that only healthy foods are in the cart. Something fun might be to each come up with some interesting healthy recipes to try. Share the recipes and see which ones you like the best. Scrap the ones that you don't like.

It Shouldn't Be a Competition

You aren't competing against your buddy; instead, you are encouraging him or her to do well and to reach their goal. Consider yourself part of a team and cheer one another on when you hit a milestone.

While some people are going to be able to make a go at losing weight alone, many find that the journey is a bit nicer when they have a friend with whom to share it. Start looking for your workout partner today so you can get into shape now.

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