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Setting Fitness Goals And Sticking To Them


Everyone is able to set fitness goals. It is as easy as writing them down on a piece of paper, posting them to a social networking site, or telling family and friends. While setting the goals might be easy, sticking to them is where people always seem to have trouble. What is it that makes it hard to reach those goals? Quite a few things can happen to derail people from what they want to achieve.

Setting Fitness Goals And Sticking To Them

Out of Reach Goals

One of the problems that many people have is that they set unrealistic goals and they do not really know what it is going to take to achieve them. For these people, the word goal is synonymous with dream. They have dreams of losing a hundred pounds or of packing on muscle and bench-pressing 300 pounds. They have their end goals in mind, but when they don't know the steps that it will take to get them there, they are easily lost.

A way around this is to start with smaller goals, all of them working toward the penultimate achievement that you want to make. Setting smaller goals, or waypoints, along the road to your fitness ideal will make reaching them easier. Instead of saying that you want to lose one hundred pound and leaving it at that, you can start by saying that you want to lose ten pounds. You will be able to reach that goal much faster. When you hit that mark, you will feel better about yourself, and you will be more motivated to reach your next loss of ten pounds. After you reach five of these mini goals, you will be halfway to reaching the ultimate goal, and you will have celebrated five little victories along the way.

Those smaller achievements will give you the motivation that you need to keep at it. If you were only to have a hundred pounds as a goal, you would look at the large number and find it far more daunting. Frustration would set in more quickly and you may never reach the goal. Remember, have small increments for all of your goals, whether it is to lift more or it is to drop weight. The small successes will spur you onward.

Loss of Motivation

Another reason that people do not reach their fitness goals is that they find they lack the motivation after a few weeks. They are spending less time in the gym and they care less about what they are putting into their bodies. This can be troublesome because it makes it difficult to reach even the smaller goals.

Some great ways to increase your motivation levels is to try fun new forms of exercise and to find and try new healthy recipes. You might also want to find someone, a friend or a family member, who has some fitness goals to achieve as well. See if they want to partner up and offer support along the way.

Keep the above in mind when you are setting your goals for your health and fitness and it is going to be much easier to achieve them.

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