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Problems With Being Overweight And The Rise Of Obesity In The World


Obesity is a growing problem, and more and more people around the world are finding that their friends and neighbors are putting on weight. When they look down at their own waistline, they see that they are packing on the pounds as well. This is cause for alarm for a number of different reasons.

Problems With Being Overweight And The Rise Of Obesity In The World

The Health Concerns

The world is getting heavier, and that is a terrible sign of things to come. With the obesity levels on the rise and more and more people falling into the overweight and obese categories, it means that the cost of health insurance and healthcare is going to rise. Those who are overweight have a much higher risk of developing heart disease and other health problems.

Other than the costs, you have to consider the toll that being overweight can take on your body. Those who are overweight and obese are going to have a much more difficult time of things as they age. Their bones and joints are going to be sore more often, and they can develop arthritis at earlier ages. Stroke, kidney problems, diabetes, and a host of other serious health issues occur at higher instances in those who are overweight.

The Social Stigma

Even though more and more people are overweight today, it doesn't make life any easier for the obese. Those who are overweight have problems with fitting into society, and people tend to look at overweight individuals differently. They may not find acceptance into as many groups, and some may view them as outcasts because of their weight. While this is not a way for civilized creatures to behave, human nature is not always very civilized. Those who are overweight often feel ostracized from a young age, and while it may get easier to deal with as an adult, the hurt never goes away.

The overweight and obese individual will likely have a hard time keeping up with their friends too. On excursions that include walking, hiking, running or playing sports, the overweight individual often sits out, alone. This is not good for the mental health of the person.

What's the Difference between Overweight and Obese?

While the terms might seem to be interchangeable, they aren't. When you are trying to determine if you are obese or overweight, you will be able to use your BMI (body mass index) to see where you fit on the height/weight chart. Calculating your BMI with your height and weight on a BMI calculator will provide you with a number. You can use that number to see where you fall. A person who has a BMI of 25 to 29.99 is overweight. One who has a BMI over 30 is obese. These may seem like small terms that do not mean much, but many insurance companies are now using BMI to determine health insurance costs. The higher your BMI is the higher the cost will be.

Rather than lamenting your weight, get out there and do something about it. Go for a run or a walk, get some exercise and start eating better. Only you can change your life!

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