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The True Costs of Bariatric Surgery


Bariatric surgery is a surgical procedure intended to help people with their weight loss. Some tout this procedure to be one of the best and fastest weight loss choices for morbidly obese people. Others believe that it has dangers and high costs that one should avoid.

The Cost of Bariatric Surgery

The cost of having bariatric surgery is actually quite high. The procedure can cost from around $20,000 to $30,000, and the price is rising. The location of your procedure and the doctor that you choose can affect the price. The price of the procedure is more than many people are able to afford, and they will often see if their insurance company is going to be able to pay for all or at least part of the cost.

Some insurance companies are going to be able to pay for a portion of the procedure, but they will only do so if you are able to meet strict requirements. Some of the requirements could include a high BMI (body mass index), such as one over 40, diabetes or heart problems. The company may also require that you have your doctor provide them with information documenting the medical need for the surgery, as well as documentation that says the doctor has provided you with other options to lose weight that have been unsuccessful.

If you are fortunate enough to get the insurance company to pay for part of the surgery, you are still going to have to pay quite a bit out of pocket. Make sure you are able to afford this. Of course, these are only the financial costs of the surgery. You will find that there are possible costs to your health that you have to consider as well.

Risks and Possible Side Effects from Bariatric Surgery

You will find quite a few possible side effects from bariatric surgery. To be fair, not all people are going to have these problems and side effects when they have the surgery. However, it is important to note them before you take the plunge and decide that you want to have the operation. Here's a list of some of the side effects that people that have had the surgery report: dehydration, gallstones, stomach ulcers, mineral deficiency and vitamin deficiency. These are rare, but they do occur. Death, while it is extremely rare, can occur as well.

After you have the bariatric surgery, you are going to be on a strict diet. Because the size of your stomach is so drastically different after the surgery, you are not going to be able to eat nearly as much. In fact, you should only eat tiny portions cut into small pieces. If you eat too much, you could vomit and it could cause some serious problems at the surgery site.

Another Option

Bariatric surgery should be one of those options that you consider as a last resort. Instead of opting for the surgery now, start making healthy lifestyle changes. Get out and start exercising, even if it only starts out with a walk a couple of times a week. Chance the foods you are eating too and you should start to lose weight naturally.