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How to Lose Weight the Healthy Way


Miracle cures and gimmicks for weight loss are nothing new. Looking at advertisements that date back to the early 1900s it's easy to see that people have been trying to find a fast and simple way to lose weight. Everyone seems to want the easy way out and no one wants to put in the work. After all, most humans have a bit of a lazy streak when it comes to something that might be a challenge! However, when you have the proper motivation and the proper mindset, you can overcome your weight problem. You have to make sure that you lose weight the right way though.

Research Your Caloric Needs

Each person is different, and may have different caloric needs than another. Height and sex have quite a bit to do with the number of calories that you should be eating each day. Find an online calculator for calorie intake that provides you with the amount of calories that you need each day to maintain your current body weight. Each pound of fat has about 3500 calories in it. To burn off a pound per week, you need to have a 500-calorie a day deficit. You have several methods to employ that will help you achieve this.

First, the Diet

One of the most important parts of any weight loss attempt is the diet. Stop eating unhealthy foods. Of course, this isn't always easy to do. The mind and body grow used to certain types of comfort foods. However, for your health, you have to cut those foods from your life. Replace them with high quality, nutritious foods. Whole grains, eggs, lean meat, vegetables, fruits and nuts should start to take over your cabinets and refrigerators. Say goodbye to the ice cream.

Next, the Exercise

The next thing you have to do is start exercising more. If you have a sedentary lifestyle right now, you can start with some walks, nothing too strenuous. It may also be a good idea to speak with your doctor to make sure you are healthy enough to exercise. Older individuals and those who are severely overweight and out of shape should always consult a doctor before beginning a new exercise program.

Moderation is Key with Exercise

When one first starts exercising after a long absence, it can be difficult to get into the groove of exercise. You will have muscle pains and aches, especially during those first few days back in the gym. It is very important that you don't overdo it at this stage. The last thing you want to happen is that you suffer an injury or burnout on exercise because of the pain. Instead, start slowly and ramp up the intensity over the course of several weeks. This will give the body time to adjust.

During this time, you will still be losing weight and feeling better about the way you look. This will spur your motivation further, and you will be excited to hit the gym harder.

Losing weight won't happen overnight, but it will happen.