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Avoid the Top 3 Weight Gain Traps


After losing a bit of weight, most individuals feel more energetic and happy. They begin fitting into clothes that they haven't been able to wear in years, and they feel healthier. In an unfortunate number of cases, many quickly discover that they've started to put weight on again, much to their horror. At first, they don't know what happened. Everything was going so well. Upon closer examination, it's easy to see where the plan started to fall apart. Once you start losing weight, you have to avoid the common weight gain traps that will steal away all of your hard work.

The First Trap

Complacency is one of the biggest problems with weight gain. After losing weight, many people don't feel as though they have to work as hard as they did before. They miss a few workouts and brush it off. They decide that instead of going for a walk around the neighborhood in the evening that they would rather see what's on television. The fire and desire to work out begins to slip away. Even a couple missed workouts a week can spell doom.

Always endeavor to find time for a workout. Even if you can't devote an entire hour each session, try to have at least a minimum of twenty minutes. Every little bit helps.

The Second Trap

Too many treats can be a trap that affects many people. While it is not a good idea to deprive occasional treats and snacks, having too many of those days where you bargain with yourself and say that "you've been good on your diet and you will work out later", and then eating those luxury foods is bad. Your body will start to crave those foods and you will begin eating them again, all the while telling yourself that you will just work out harder tomorrow.

You have to stick with the foods that helped you lose weight in the first place. Healthy items such as fruits, vegetables, whole grains and lean meat are the best choices. You have many options when it comes to preparation, so you don't have to feel bored or cheated.

The Third Trap

The third trap is ignorance of what you are eating. It's not the same as knowing that devouring cake and ice cream is bad as in the too many treats trap. With some foods, the weight gain risks are quite deceptive. Many rely on diet sodas, but they have chemicals that interact with the body and cause people to hold onto weight. Eating out at a restaurant doesn't seem like a problem until you look at the number of calories in many of their dishes.

It's important that you know as much as possible about what you are eating and drinking. The only way to know how many calories you are ingesting is to know the nutritional value of the foods you eat.

When you can avoid these three traps, you should be able to keep off the weight that you lose, and even drop some more!