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Obesity In The World Today


One of the most common problems facing the United States today is obesity. This problem affects children and adults, men and women, and people of all races. According to recent studies, one in three adults in the U.S. is obese. This is a very disturbing trend, and it does not seem as though it is going to diminish anytime soon. The CDC (Center for Disease Control) has an animated map on their site that shows the progression of obesity from 1985 until 2010. The results of the map are quite startling and frightening.

The southeastern portion of the United States, from Texas all the way east, tends to have higher levels of obesity than the other states do. In 9 different states – Alabama, Arkansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, Missouri, Oklahoma, Tennessee, and West Virginia – the obesity levels were well above 30%. This would mean that if you look right and left, and the two people standing next to you are thin, there's a chance that you are the one with the weight problem! It's time to start combating this problem and get the country and the entire world back into shape.

Obesity In The World Today

What Does Obese Mean?

Many people may be obese and not even realize it. The term obese is one that some people do not know how to define. Obese means that the person has a bodyweight that is 20% higher (or more) than it should be. They have a BMI (body mass index) that is above 30. Finding these measurements is easy with online BMI calculators and with charts that determine where you fall with your height and weight. Even those who do not consider themselves obese may actually fall into the category. If you are in the obese range, you are at a higher risk of developing a number of different diseases and health problems over the years.

The World at Risk

Much is said about the obesity levels of the United States, but other nations around the world are catching up rather quickly. Mexico, the United Kingdom, Australia and New Zealand are all in the top ten when it comes to obesity. The entire world needs to realize that the weight epidemic is serious, and that it is going to cause some severe health problems for millions of people in the coming years.

With more and more people obese around the world, it means that the cost of healthcare is likely to rise even further. Insurance for obese individuals is going to be more difficult to obtain, and you are likely to see more deaths related to obesity in the future.

Change is Possible

It is entirely possible to change, but it is going to take massive efforts on the part of everyone. Changing eating habits and getting more exercise is important, and it has to start at home. Get the kids out and exercising, add healthy foods to your diet and change your eating habits and the habits of your kids. Get together with friends and start exercise groups. While the rest of the nation might not follow suit, you can at least make your life better.

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