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How To Lose Weight In A Month


Everyone wants to find a fast way to lose some weight. Perhaps bikini season is just around the corner or maybe the company softball game is coming up soon. No matter the reason, people want to be able to drop a bit of weight so they can look better or move faster.

One of the problems that stems from trying to lose weight quickly is that many people do not make safety one of their primary concerns. They look at the end goal, losing weight in a month, and they will do everything that they can to reach it, even when it means taking unhealthy supplements or following some dangerous diet fad. These are unhealthy ways to lose weight! You need to do it the safe and natural way.

How To Lose Weight In A Month

Losing Weight Safely in a Month

Is it possible to lose weight safely in a month? It is, but it means that one has to have discipline and has to follow a few basic guidelines.

The first thing that one must do is look at the food they are eating. Find out how many calories you are ingesting each day and reduce that number by about 500 – 700 depending on the daily intake. Make sure that all of the needless carbohydrates are out of the diet. No breads, pastas, cookies, snacks cakes or other junk food should be a part of the diet. These are wasted calories and you should avoid them.

It doesn't mean that the diet needs to be bland. Find some healthy light salad dressing for your salads. Make sure it is something that you enjoy the taste of so you do not get bored. Have a large salad before every meal, as this will help fill you up before you get to the main course. When you are full, stop eating. Always forego dessert.

Something that causes many people to take in far more calories than they realize are the flavored coffee drinks. These drinks – and even the teas – can have hundreds of calories. If coffee is necessary because you believe you need a bit of caffeine in the morning, make sure that you drink it black. If you don't like drinking it black, chances are that it isn't the caffeine that you want, but is it the sugar in those drinks that you are really craving! You need to cut the sugar if you hope to lose weight.

Exercise is Important

Another key factor is going to be exercise. Make sure that you begin adding cardio and even some resistance training to your regimen. Work out vigorously at least four to five times per week, and spend at least an hour in the workouts. Supplement the exercise by walking more places and taking the stairs instead of the elevator. While exercise is important, you do not want to overwork the body. Make sure that you have plenty of rest and time to recuperate.

Once the month is up, you will have lost some weight. Feel proud of that accomplishment! However, don't stop now – keep eating right and getting healthy, and then you will not have to worry about trying to lose weight in a month ever again.

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