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Getting Kids Interested In Fitness


With the weight problem around the world trickling down to the children, parents need to stop and look at their own children's behavior and attitude toward exercising. Most of the kids today seem content to spend their time sitting inside and watching cartoons or playing the latest videogame. The days where kids were outside and riding their bike and playing in the backyard and on the playground are over. Many streets and parks that once had children laughing, playing and running around are now empty.

Too many kids today are eating unhealthy and just not getting any exercise. Recess and gym class at school just aren't enough for kids. Parents need to instill in their children that exercise can be fun. Here are a few ways that you will be able to do that with your own children.

Getting Kids Interested In Fitness

Get the Kids off the Couch

Parents of kids who love videogames – which seems to be most of them – can start by purchasing some fun, interactive exercise games for the consoles. While this is no substitute for real exercise, it will get the kids up and moving and they will realize that it is fun. Once you have them working with the exercise videogames, you will be able to take it to the next level.

Let the kids know that they can have just as much fun when they are outside and playing. If they enjoy playing tennis on their videogame, then take them out and teach them how to play tennis or badminton in the real world. Find activities that you children will enjoy and then let them participate.

Sports and Other Activities for Kids

You should be able to find some team sports activities in your area. Many towns will have baseball, basketball, soccer and other sports. Schools often provide these sports during the school year, but you can find some community teams as well. Let your child choose a sport that he or she likes and then sign up. If your child seems reluctant to join one of these sports, let them know that other options are available as well. Perhaps your child likes to dance or wants to study martial arts. These lessons can help to teach them balance and discipline, and they can be great forms of exercise.

Parents are Fitness Role Models

It is very important that the parents make sure that they are following a healthy lifestyle as well. Parents should be getting some exercise with their children. Head to the park or the playground with them, and go outside for some walks. Take them to the beach where they can run on the sand. The point is that you need to do everything that you can to get your kids up and moving so the obesity problem ends with this generation.

Once you are able to show your children exercise is not only healthy, but also that it is fun, they will be more inclined to start. All it takes is a little time and enthusiasm on your part.

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