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Easy Bodybuilding Exercises To Burn Fat


Are you looking for a quality way to start burning away some of the fat that seems to cling to your body? Most people who find that they are overweight want to shed those pounds, and they want to do it as quickly as possible. However, it is important to understand the best ways to do that. Some have fitness routines that revolve entirely around cardiovascular type exercises. They will spend hours on the elliptical machine or the exercise bike.

This type of activity will cause people to lose weight. However, some of the weight lost is going to be muscle tissue. The cardio exercises are excellent for burning, but they are not discriminating what they burn away. Sticking only to cardio and aerobic type exercise, while they might be great for the heart, can strip muscle from the body. Instead, it is a good idea to have some muscle building exercises to add to your fitness routine as well.

Easy Bodybuilding Exercises To Burn Fat

How Bodybuilding Exercises Burn Fat

The addition of bodybuilding exercises to the routine can be very beneficial for a few reasons. The body will begin to get stronger and leaner, and it is possible to burn calories during the exercises. In addition, the more muscle one has on his or her body, the easier it is going to be to lose fat weight. Muscle burns calories because the body has to do so much more to maintain muscle.

What Exercises Work for Burning Fat?

It is less about the type of bodybuilding exercises that you do and more about the manner in which you do them. A way to start building strength and muscle on the body while simultaneously dropping fat weight is to do a low weight and high repetition routine. You should keep the weight low enough that you will be able to do 20 repetitions in quick succession while keeping your form correct. The reps should be difficult, but you should still be able to get through 20 of them.

Here are some exercises that you will want to incorporate for your bodybuilding routine while trying to lose weight. These will give you a good all around workout. Squats and lunges for the legs, bench press for the chest, lat pull down for the back, bicep curls and triceps extensions for the arms, and lateral raises for the shoulders. Add some crunches and leg lifts to help strengthen the core. Remember to keep the reps high with these exercises and the weights low.

Changing the Workout

After about two to four weeks of the low weight and high rep working, changing things up a bit is a good idea. Spend about a week or two with higher weights and lower reps. The change in routine will cause the body to compensate and begin adding more muscle. Move back to the higher reps workout after a few weeks. Add in different exercises to keep things fresh for your body. Soon, those 20 reps with the low weight will become easy, and you will need to add more weight for your high rep workouts! This means the body is adding muscle and you will be getting leaner.

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