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Drinks To Choose And Drinks To Lose


One of the problems that many people have when they are trying to diet and lose weight is something that they don't even realize or consider. They worry about the foods they are putting into their body, and they believe that they are eating better. While they may have added more salad, fruits and lean meats to their diet, they don’t even bother to consider what they are drinking. The calories that many people consume from their drinks are one of the main things that might be stopping them from losing weight.

Drinks To Choose And Drinks To Lose

Drinks to Avoid

What types of drinks should you avoid? The list is quite long, but these are the most common places where people fall into trouble.

Alcoholic drinks do not have much benefit for the body, especially when it comes to dieting. They have calories that have no real nutritional value, and that means that they are going to be empty calories that will easily store into the body as fat. Even the lower calorie drinks are things that one should avoid. The occasional social drink may be fine, but you have to remember just how many calories are in them. When you consider mixed drinks, sweet drinks and fruity alcoholic drinks, the calorie count keeps rising.

The hot and cold coffee drinks that you buy at the local coffee shop are full of calories as well. When you start adding more sugar, chocolate and caramel to these drinks, they are more akin to a desert than an actual coffee. The number of calories in some of these drinks is astonishing. Simply removing them from your diet can save you countless calories over the course of a month!

Sodas are trouble as well. They have high amounts of sugar in them, and they are another form or empty calories. Something else that you will want to consider is diet sodas. The makers of the sodas tout that they don't have any calories, and they are "diet" sodas after all. They should be fine, at least according to those who drink them often.

However, the truth is that these drinks can cause you to hold onto weight. They change the body chemistry thanks to some of the chemicals in the soda, and that makes you hold onto your weight. These diet sodas are no friend to diets! Cut them out of your life as much as possible. It might take some time to do, especially if you've been drinking them for a while. Cut down slowly so you can eventually scrub them from your day.

Drinks to Love

What should you be drinking if the above is off limits? Water is the best choice. It's natural, healthy and flushes the system. It is great for the body, and if you have a filter on your tap, you don't even have to pay for bottled. In addition to water, you may want to try decaffeinated black coffee. Another great option is green tea. It is full of antioxidants and it can help to accelerate weight loss.

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