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Avoiding The Weight Loss Plateau


When a person starts out with a new exercise and diet program, the weight will often start to come off easily. The body is reacting to the new exercise and the healthier foods, and it changes accordingly. However, after a few months, you may begin to notice that you just aren't losing the weight as quickly as you did in the beginning. This is normal, and it happens to most people who are trying to lose weight. This is a plateau. Some people are never able to get over the plateau and start losing weight again. When you take the right steps, you will not have this problem.

Avoiding The Weight Loss Plateau

Overcoming the Plateau

One of the reasons that many people get to a level where they can't seem to keep losing weight is that they keep doing the same things. They do the same routines in their exercise and they never challenge themselves to do more, and they never add other forms of exercise to their workouts. You need to keep challenging the body and keeping it guessing when it comes to the workouts.

Those who are spending time doing only Pilates and step classes should add some other activities to their schedule. Make sure that you get start doing some weight training. If the only thing you've been doing is training with weights, you need to add some time on the elliptical machines or with some other form of cardio. Start using lower weights and higher repetitions or vice versa. Get outside and go for a jog. Go swimming. Just make sure that you keep as active as possible and change your routines often.

If you haven't been giving it your all when you are working out, that could be another problem. While rest is important to let the body heal, you do have to work out hard when you are training. Some people tend to slack off when they’ve achieved a measure of weight loss. They are simply maintaining their weight rather than actively trying to lose it.

People who have trouble keeping up with the motivation might want to have a partner for their workouts. Having a partner will help to keep those motivation levels right where they need to be.

Is Diet a Problem?

Your diet might be another reason that the weight loss has been slowing down. Take a long, hard look at what you are eating each day and see where you might be going wrong. Even though you might have eliminated junk food from the diet, you still might be ingesting something that is causing the weight loss to slow down. Diet sodas are a prime example of something that should not be in your diet. They might not have any calories, but they can cause people to retain some weight. Drink water and real juice instead.

Keep at it, keep changing and keep a good attitude. When you have these things going for you, it will be possible to move beyond the plateau and continue on your weight loss journey.

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